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Thursday, 14 March 2013

How To increase YouTube video Views For Free - A Simple Trick

YouTube is one of the most important social media tools and the one of the biggest search engine in the world, it gives a wonderful opportunity for individuals, brands and businesses to have their content seen by a large volume of viewers.
The only downside is that with millions and millions of videos are on the site, and getting attention from viewers isn't easy and YouTube is packed with good videos that only have one of hundred views.

A simple trick can increase your YouTube video view, by hundreds times.

Just open Mozilla Firefox (if you do not have, install it).

Go to and search " Tab Mix Plus ". Click on the very first result link: Tab Mix Plus:: Add-on for Firefox "
Install Tab Mix Plus

Install Tab Mix Plus on clicking the "+ Add to Firefox " button.

Restart the Firefox so that Tab Mix Plus add-on get activated.

Go to the YouTube video, you wish to increase the views for, copy the URL and paste in 3-4 new tabs.

Now go to the first tab, and right-click next to the YouTube video. You will see  "Reload Tab Every", press it and enable 15-30 sec and also click on "Enable for all tabs". You can also customized
the time span.

 Now after every time which is set, the page reloaded and the YouTube video reloaded. And hence the view count increases.
 For more result use 3-4 tabs.By this trick you can increase the YouTube video views 300 to 400 times within 2-4 hours.
This trick helps me and hope the same for you.

For more tips, visit:  ZeroMile